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Full bellies and even fuller hearts

Last month saw the team travel to the Kawere Primary School in Mutoko as part of the VANA feeding program to assist in delivering porridge to 800 hungry school children.

To feed all the children, bulk ingredients needed to be purchased which included:

  • 120 x 10kg mealie meal

  • 30 x 3 litres peanut butter

  • 240kg sugar

  • 30 x 500g salt

It is a big task, and quite costly, to feed so many, but thanks to the support we receive from our amazing donors like you, we are able to make a huge difference to lives of these vulnerable children.

The children were so excited to receive their warm porridge at lunchtime and waited patiently in long lines for their turn to fill their hungry bellies. You can see from the beaming smiles on their faces how much this meal meant to them.

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