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Covered in love

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Thanks to the kindness of our generous supporters like you, last month our amazing team, headed up by Angela and Ruth, were able to coordinate a much needed blanket and winter clothing drive.

This initiative (funded by people like you), saw us distribute a range of winter items to orphaned children at the Mutoko Baptist Orphan Program.

July is the coldest month in Zimbabwe, with temperatures dropping below 8 degrees, and so many children are simply not equipped for these cold winter nights with a lack of warm clothing and bedding.

So many of these young children simply do not have access to winter clothing.

But, thanks to your kind donations, we were able to provide 55 children winter care packages. The care packages included:

  • a warm blanket,

  • track pants,

  • socks,

  • and a fleecy winter jacket.

We were also able to provide a meal for these children whilst we were at the orphanage handing out the care packages.

“Watching the children open their gifts was such a joy to watch, it filled out hearts with happiness knowing we were making such a tangible difference in their lives,” said Angela, VANA Ministries Director of Projects.

"Today we can all stand with heads raised, knowing that a child will go to bed warm, and learn on a full stomach. That, in itself, is a victory,” she said.

Thank you for making this a reality.


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