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Looking back at 2022

“We can achieve so much more when we work together.”

Peter Staines, VANA Ministries Executive Director

Across the globe, 2022 was a challenging year.

But for the children and families of Zimbabwe who faced extreme poverty and dire starvation, it was some of the hardest times they’ve ever had.

You, like us, may have gone through your own challenges and triumphs over the year.

But even since the global pandemic hit back in early 2020, our sense of normality is only just returning. The pandemic has made a lot of us reflect on what is important - what we need, what we desire, and what quite frankly we can do without.

One of the core basic needs for all humans is food and shelter.

Have you tried to go even 24 hours without food? With the convenience and access to food everywhere we go, most of us know when (and what) our next meal will be. We have the luxury of choosing what, and when we eat.