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Introducing the newest baby in the VANA Family

Introducing to you, baby Tawananyasha (which means “we have found grace”). What a great name!

VANA Ministries would like to congratulate Ruth & Tinashe Chitsiga, from Bulawayo, on the safe arrival of their baby boy. Tawananyasha will join the family with his big sister, Ruru.

Ruth has been a valued staff member of VANA for many years and we are delighted to see this amazing family flourish.

When you hear Ruth's story and how it is a similar story to many of the children VANA supports, you realise a few important things:

  1. Ruth's life is a living example of how support and encouragement can change a life, even the lives of the generations to come.

  2. Ruth has taken her adversity and then her opportunity and turned it into serving the next generation of suffering children.

What a wonderful family and we are blessed to have them a part of the VANA Family.


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