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Emerge Camp Success

From the 6-9 December, the much-anticipated Emerge camp, was once again held, marking a significant event for Zimbabwean youth. The camp received positive feedback from participants, with many excited to head along to the next camp in April.  

The camps, conducted twice per year, aims to address the changing emotional and physical needs of sponsored children as they transition into adulthood. Most of the attending children are enrolled in school, and the camps are designed to complement their educational journey.


Participants enjoyed a range of activities and workshops designed to foster personal growth and teamwork.


With a focus on team building, the teens not only learn from the camp facilitators but also from each other, and the friendships they make will continue to provide them with a support network for the years to come.


"The Emerge camp was a tremendous success, and we were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and engagement from all the participants," said Peter Staines, CEO of VANA Ministries.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how you can support our work, please get in touch with us here.


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