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A heartfelt thank you

Eighteen-year-old Nomuhle was born into poverty. As a young child she would make the long walk to school early each morning, belly rumbling from lack of food, and feet aching from the cuts and blisters resulting from her worn shoes.

Her thoughts were always on the future, on creating a better life for herself, so that if she one day had children of her own, they wouldn’t have to go through what she had.

She desperately wanted to break the cycle of poverty.

And thanks to the generosity of people like you Nomuhle has been able to do just that, pursuing her dream of becoming a scientist as one of the recipients of the VANA Ministries Scholarship.

The VANA Scholarships Program provides financial support to young people who demonstrate academic promise, and a commitment to further education or training that will help them reach their potential.

It is only through your support that this program is possible. And now, we’re thrilled to tell you that so many more children will be receiving life-changing gifts because of people like you.

Through our recent Tax Appeal our generous donors came together as a community to raise over $38,000.

That’s over 100 children who could receive laptops to help them complete and excel in their studies. Or more than 60 children who could attend university, with the money going toward a semester of fees.

These are children who can now follow their dreams of becoming teachers, doctors, engineers or scientists. But more than that, it’s the ripple effect that this will have on families, on communities, and on subsequent generations.

As Nomuhle said, it’s the ability to ensure that her future children don’t have to go through the same hardships she did.

Together, you have provided hope for a brighter tomorrow for the children of Zimbabwe.

This is such an incredible achievement, and everyone at VANA Ministries is blown away by the generosity that has been shown. We truly can’t thank you enough.

“Thank you for helping us to provide these young children with access to education, mentorship and vital resources. With your help, we are equipping these young children with the tools they need to forge a brighter path for themselves and their communities. We are so incredibly grateful.”

Peter Staines, CEO VANA Ministries

When we told Nomuhle she too was overjoyed. She said, “Thank you very much. Not many kids get to have this opportunity … And I will try my best not to jeopardize this opportunity and further my studies, and even get to help others in turn because of what you’ve done for me.” You can watch her message of thanks below.

On behalf of Nomuhle, and the hundreds of other children who will feel the positive impact of your support, we say a heartfelt Thank you for your ongoing generosity.

Education really is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty for the children of Zimbabwe. Currently, only 15% of children in Zimbabwe go on to complete secondary study due to extreme poverty and economic challenges.

But with every donation this statistic is starting to shift and thanks to you, our generous supporters, there is a brighter path ahead.

Find out more about the projects run by VANA Ministries and how your support can make an immediate difference.


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