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Will you help children like Esther?


Together we can give children in Zimbabwe, like Esther, facing a crisis the chance to survive and thrive. Support the VANA Emergency fund today.

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Every day in Zimbabwe, children like 4-year-old Esther, face dangerous and unhealthy situations where only emergency intervention can help.


Watch Esther’s story of courage and survival and see the impact of the VANA Emergency Fund in action. 


Esther and her mother Patricia

Esther and her new loving foster Granny Bekezela.png

Esther and her new loving foster ‘Granny’ Bekezela

Esther was born into the loving arms of her mother, Patricia, whose enduring love for her shone even in the most challenging times.

But when Patricia passed away unexpectedly when Esther was only 4 years old, Esther was forced into a crisis situation.


“When her mother died, she was moved into her grandmother’s care. But the village she lived in wasn’t safe for young girls. Her grandmother approached VANA to help, so we started the urgent mission to rescue Esther.” Ruth, VANA Ministries.


Our team knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and we needed significant funds.


The VANA Ministries Emergency Fund helped move Esther to emergency accommodation, provided her with basic food and healthcare, and later, supported her move into a loving foster home with Bekezela.

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“There was a considerable financial cost involved in rescuing Esther. It was more than just covering the cost of her education and her basic needs - it was the actual raising of her. Then there’s the costs of her foster care, education, health needs and her ongoing recovery” said Ruth.

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There are many more children facing crises in Zimbabwe and we want to ensure funds are available when emergencies happen.



The VANA Emergency Fund gives VANA the ability to meet crisis needs in children's lives as they arise. It enables us to assist orphan and vulnerable children who are in dire health and unsafe living situations, just like Esther.

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Thank you for helping Esther thrive.

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