We’re so please to see that you are interested in our Sponsorship Programs because, when you sponsor a VANA child you make the most amazing and significant change in that child’s life.  You may think we are being a bit dramatic, but it is true.

As you read the information about VANA’s Sponsorship Programs, remember our programs are not just about the immediate welfare of the child, they include building capacity into their lives for future success.

Basic sponsorship program

What does the child receive? 

Each child on the Basic Sponsorship Program receives the essentials to give them the best opportunity to succeed in life.  This includes school education, life skills, daily food, clean water, basic medical and lots of love!

What do you receive?

For every person giving to the Basic Sponsorship Program they will receive a small bit of information about their sponsor child and a photo of their child at least once a year.  Each child is encouraged to write to their sponsor to share about their life in Zimbabwe.

We also encourage the sponsor (that’s you) to write to their child.  Part of a child being equipped for life and growing into a healthy functioning adult is the encouragement and relationship building with people who care about them.  We want this sponsorship program to be more about transforming lives than a financial transition.

Christmas Bonus:

Every sponsor is given the opportunity to give a extra donation at Christmas time to help provide the children with a special Christmas experience.  (This is optional.)

$46 mo.

$60 mo.

Please note that the needs of each child and each VANA Project in Zimbabwe may vary and money is directed to best benefit the child

Crisis sponsorship program

What do we do when out of the blue we have children that need special assistance or emergency care?  These children may not meet the requirements for basic sponsorship, however they need our help.  This is why we have the Crisis Sponsorship Program. 

This program helps with the crisis needs of orphaned and vulnerable children not in the Basis Sponsorship Program.  These children many not be in our care long term but may need help with food, water, shelter, school fees, medical, etc.

In the Crisis Sponsorship Program there is no one child that you help and you will not be able to build a relationship with a child (no photos or letters).  However, you get to help a number of children (and sometimes families) who are in great crisis.

Sponsor a VANA Family

It’s not enough for a child to just recieve an education, food and clean water. We believe every child needs to be part of a loving family unit. At VANA we support a villiage style environment for children to be nurtured and raised.

Children that are part of VANA’s residential program live in small family homes with upto 8 children and a mother. This allows every child to be individually noticed and loved.

Like all families it costs money to run a household and it’s no different at VANA.

You can be a part of helping a VANA family meet their monthly budget by becoming a Sponsor. This will go towards things like electricity, personal soap, clothes washing detergent, cleaning materials, extra food, sheets, towels etc.

You can Sponsor a VANA Family Now for as little as $5 per month!

What do you receive?

You will recieve a photo of your VANA Family and also a yearly update on how Mum and the children are going.

From as little as...

$5 mo.

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