Harvest Family Village (Bulawayo)

Project Description

Harvest Family Village, based in Bulawayo, is a partnership between three organisations – Mind the Gap (UK), Bulawayo Baptist and VANA Ministries.

The project currently provides housing and care for 17 orphaned and vulnerable children on a 30 acre farm (just north of Bulawayo) that has been developed into a “family village” with “Forever Homes”.

To encourage social integration within the local community the children attend school and church outside the village.

In the future it is hoped there will be:

  • A play area where the children can interact with each other and enjoy a variety of sporting facilities for basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc.
  • A vocational centre to equip the children with various skills such as farming, carpentry, pottery, metalwork, crafts, sewing and catering.
  • A central village hall for community gatherings such as enjoying meals and entertainment together - an integral part of village life.
  • A Volunteer House for all our visitors and volunteers.

Through your Child Sponsorship, each child receives a school education, nutritious food, clean drinking water and medical assistance when needed.

You can make a real difference by helping one child at a time.

To sponsor a child please contact VANA at [email protected]

About Us

VANA Childcare Ministries is proud to be a project partner with Global Development Group – the DFAT approved NGO responsible for approved aid and development project J710N.

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