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Project Description


The establishment of the Centre in Chivhu is the original project that was commenced in 2006 in partnership with Pastor Makoni Goredema (Chivhu). The Centre is being constructed on ten acres of land, providing family homes for orphaned and vulnerable children. To date VANA has built 3 family homes, with the 4th home almost finished.


A “VANA family” consists of a housemother who cares for up to eight children (2-18 years)

VANA has a Centre Administrator, Tendai, who is a well-respected member of the community and is a man with a real “father’s heart” for the orphans. Tendai has become one of the key father figures and male role models for the children which has greatly benefitted the overall family structure at the Centre.


The Centre also provides a safe, open outdoor area with plenty of space to live and play. With a playground and a small soccer field this is a place where the children can have fun and just do the things that children love to do.

In addition to the Residential Program, VANA also has a Community Outreach Program that assists over 100 vulnerable children in the community of Chivhu. Each day, after school, all of the children in the Community Outreach Program attend the centre for a nutritious meal made by the VANA mothers and volunteers. They are also given assistance with their homework and generally receive a lot of love and attention from a group of lovely mothers and grandmothers.
Through your Child Sponsorship, each child will receive a school education, nutritious food, clean drinking water and medical assistance when needed.


You can make a real difference by helping one child at a time.

To sponsor a child please contact VANA at

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